Winter Weather and Inclement Procedures

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to our Canadian winter!!  Today was the first day of significant winter weather and several of our students were not prepared.  Please note, that classes have 3 scheduled recess breaks throughout the day, with the longest one being 40 minutes during the lunchtime routine.  It is necessary that all children attend school with appropriate clothing including winter boots, snow pants and jacket, waterproof mittens/ gloves and a hat/scarf.  You may also wish to send in a set of dry socks and additional gloves.  Children are not permitted to remain in the office during recess breaks and are expected to go outside with their classmates. 

At St. Bernadette’s, we will implement inclement weather procedures in which students will remain indoors should the temperature go below -20’C with the wind chill factor or at the discretion of the principal on either extremely windy or icy days.  

In the event that School transportation is cancelled due to inclement weather and/or poor road conditions, schools remain open unless the situation is severe. Please be advised schools may be closed in those situations.    Parents are expected to exercise discretion in deciding whether to send their child(ren) to school.

Please be reminded to:
 Use the Safe Arrival System if your child(ren) is absent due to inclement weather. Students who are unable to attend due to buses being cancelled, must still be reported absent using the Safe Arrival System.
 Hot Lunch programs at all YCDSB Elementary Schools will be cancelled.
 The decision to cancel school transportation service is region-wide, meaning all school buses, vans and taxis will not operate.
 Parent(s)/guardian(s) can make alternate arrangements to transport their children to and from school.
 As school transportation is cancelled in the morning, it will not operate in the afternoon.
 Exams, tests, quizzes, excursions, charter trips, school programs, co-curricular activities, evening
presentations, workshops, in-services, as well as, parent meetings (e.g. Identification, Placement,
and Review Committee Meetings, IPRCs) will be cancelled and rescheduled.
 Evening permits are cancelled.
 All Continuing Education Courses scheduled for during the day and evening, are cancelled. This
includes: ESL, Secondary, and Adult Interest Courses.
 Before and After Programs in schools make every effort to remain open in inclement weather.
However, the decision to open or to close early is up to the discretion of the Child Care Operator.

Thank you for your continued support. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Mrs. deHaas, Principal