Catholic School Council

Welcome to the St Bernadette Catholic School Council page!

On this page you will find information from St Bernadette CSC regarding upcoming meetings, minutes and other relevant information. We encourage you to check out the links, read our information and attend meetings to keep informed about any new educational policies, fundraising initiatives, volunteer programs and much, much more.

Meetings are held at 7:00 pm at St. Bernadette CES In-Person and Virtually. All parents are welcome to attend, even if you are not an elected parent representative. Our meetings generally last between 1 to 2 hours. Our objectives include helping to create and maintain an environment which is conducive to improving student achievement, enhancing communication with parents, teacher and students, and developing a common vision for our school.

Catholic School Council – Major Objectives For The Year

  • To continue to support volunteer programs for the students, such as the Healthy Snacks, You’re the chef and the Literacy program
  • To help enrich the outdoor environment for all students
  • To assist the school in other areas that come up as needed that the council can assist with such as technology, extra circular clubs and more
  • To look into revising the dress code for the school
  • To help foster the spiritual growth of the students, staff and community


  • Chair – Holly Doyle
  • Co-Chair – Kathleen Cooper
  • Treasurer – Juanita Doells
  • Secretary – Shannon Cook
  • Faith/ Community Rep – Rose Sheppard
  • Nutritional Co-ordinator – Laura Shortt
  • Volunteer Co-ordinator – Shannon Cook
  • Non-teaching Rep. -Kathryn Formanek
  • Voting Members -Jodie Yardley-Scetto, Donna Lee Saunders, Tammy Sheppard, Rosemarie Klobucar, Tvrtko Klobucar, Kelly Piccolo
  • YCPIC (York Catholic Parent Involvement Committee): Donna Lee Saunders, Filomena Carrassi
  • OAPCE (Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education):  Laura Shortt
  • Teacher Representative – Therese Quinn, Isabella Commisso, Andrea Quagliara
  • Principal:  Lynne Oliphant
  • Trustee – Theresa McNicol