Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

For the safety and comfort of all of the children it is important that parents abide by the following expectations. Please keep in mind: as adults we must support the children in staying safe around moving cars especially in parking lots, and try to minimize the danger of moving traffic near where the children are entering the school yard; you are a stranger to most children in the yard and your presence may cause undue stress to these children; when many adults mill around among the children, it makes supervision of the children extremely difficult and puts protection of them at risk.


  • During the period of 8:45 to 9:15 am there should be no car movement in the front driveway; it is for bus drop off only in that time period. (Note that the front drive is a one way drive moving from west to east at all times.)
  • No one should park or drop off children along the sidewalk next to the library; car drop off should take place in the parking lot only and we ask that you remind your children to cross through parked cars in a safe and alert manner.
  • Parents should not enter or linger in the school yard after 8:55 am; parents of Kindergarten children may walk their child to the gate but are expected to exit the yard as soon as they are inside the gated area.
  • Parents are expected to only enter the school by the front doors using our safe school buzz in system, and to immediately check in at the office. Parents are not allowed to go to their child’s classroom during the school day unless they have an arranged meeting or are volunteering in the class (and even at these times you must check in at the office and get an identification badge).


  • The front driveway is also closed to car traffic at the end of the day between 3:30 and 4:00 pm. Parking along the sidewalk in front on the Library is again prohibited at this time.
  • Parents picking up Kindergarten children may wait outside the gated Kindergarten area and parents picking up primary children may meet them outside the Primary door. However, we ask that once you have your child that you make your way to your car as the large congregation of adults can be confusing for supervisors and disconcerting for the young children.
  • Please ensure your child is clear on safety expectations, especially if you are expecting them to meet you in the parking lot. We caution that having children cross through a busy parking lot at any time without adult accompaniment can be very dangerous and it is always best if you are able to meet them at the edge of the parking lot and walk them through.
  • It is greatly appreciated when you call into the office to inform us when a change of pick-up plans is going to occur.
  • Be aware that children may not change to another bus unless it is an official, permanent change, they may only travel on the bus to which they are assigned.