SBE Update

Dear St. Bernadette Parents and Guardians,

Happy Spring!! (although it doesn’t feel like spring today.)  We hope this week brings some warmer weather.  Due to the wet and muddy conditions of the field, students remain on the blacktop until the field dries up.  Students are invited to bring in softballs (ie. tennis balls), skipping ropes, hula hoops, jumpsy elastic ropes, jacks, chalk and other fun spring outdoor activities.  Students are also reminded to wear outdoor rain boots as there are several puddles in the yard.

Starting tomorrow, St. Bernadette will be selling individually packaged nut and peanut-free chocolate chip cookies for $1 and Ice Dawgs (cookie ice cream sandwich) for $2 during the lunch recess.  All proceeds of the sales will be directed to Sharelife.   (Cookie and Ice Dawg Ingredients can be found at

Thank you for your generous donations for our Loonie/Toonie Drive for Ukraine.  Our school raised $578.00.  Your generosity and prayers for peace are greatly appreciated.

On Monday, March 28th, Ms. Mancuso, Mr. Alvarez and Ms. Richardson’s classes will be participating in a virtual Mental Health Presentation by Peter Katz.

Our school will also be participating in the 3rd Annual Lenten Food Drive from March 29th to April 8th.  Boxes will be set up in the foyer to collect items.  Requested items include canned or dry food items (ie. canned fruit, vegetables, beans, rice, cereal), toiletries and gift cards from local grocery stores.

This week, the Region of York will be dropping by the school to provide our students with materials to create a welcome banner for the Sutton Youth Transitional Housing Project.  Eight transitional housing units are being built on the Salvation Army property adjacent to the school on Dalton Road. The project’s target completion date is this spring and we look forward to welcoming the youth to our community.

On the afternoon of Friday, April 1st, Trustee McNicol, Director Scuglia and Superintendent Wright will visit St. Bernadette.  We wish to thank Mr. Tvrtko Klobucar for creating a beautiful illustration of St. Bernadette to commemorate the visit.  We are also very excited to share the wonderful learning opportunities our students are engaging in as we embark on classroom tours throughout the school.