Catholic Education Week April 30 to May 5!! We are Many, We are One!!

Catholic Education Week Prayer

We are many, we are one; we all form one body in Christ. Lord,

when we see the one before us, let us reverence your presence within;

when we listen to one another, let us hear with our hearts;

when we reflect on each encounter, may we discern to understand;

when we learn from those around us, let us respect our differences with joy;

and when we act, may we be kind and generous to all,

for each person is a member of your body, with all that they are.

We are many, we are one.



May 1-5:  Next week is Catholic Education Week (CEW)!  The theme this year is We are Many, We are One.   In our unity, we celebrate our diversity, all uniquely created by God.

May 1:  At 9:20am there will be a Catholic Education Week Kickoff Assembly hosted by Ms. Commisso’s class!

May 1:  At 1:45pm students in Mrs. Roncato’s grade ½ class go swimming.

May 2:  St. Bernadette school is hosting the Junior Boys Basketball Tournament.  Go Broncos!

May 3:  The Junior Girls Basketball team will be competing at Prince of Peace CES.

May 3:  Catholic Education Week: Provincial Mass from St. Michael’s Cathedral, on Wednesday, May 3rd, @ 1:30pm.   All are invited to participate, as the newly installed Archbishop Frank Leo will serve as the celebrant.

May 4:  The Aurora Cultural Centre is pleased to present “The Incredible Adventures of Mary Jane Mosquito” by Carousel Players to our students in Kindergarten to grade 4.  Mary Jane is a mosquito who doesn’t have wings who is sent off to the city to go to school.  Mary Jane learns to make friends sharing her language, her kind heart, and her song with the world.  As Mary Jane tells her tale through song and story, Tomson Highway has woven in Cree words and phrases that are taught to the audience through playful interaction.  With live music throughout, and supported with puppetry and fanciful costumes, this is an engaging piece for younger audiences.

May the 4 is Star Wars Day!  Students are encouraged to wear any Star Wars clothes or costumes they happen to have at home.  Light sabers are permitted on this day only!