Travelling Stage Dance Program comes to SBE!!

Travelling Stage Dance Program:  Beginning May 15 we are very excited to share that The Travelling Stage will be visiting our school!  The Travelling Stage is an arts education company committed to enriching the arts curriculum.

St. Bernadette students in grades 1 to 6 will be participating in six International Dance Lessons.  This series celebrates culture and diversity through dance. Program content includes: Afro-Jazz, Bandari (Iran), Bollywood (India), Caribbean, El Jarabe Tapatio (Mexico), English Country Dance, Flamenco (Spain), Hip Hop (North America), Highland (Scotland), Hopak (Ukraine), Hungarian Folk Dance, Irish Jig (Ireland), Polka (Central Europe), Salsa (Cuba), Samba (Brazil), Tango (Argentina), Tarantella (Italy), Waltz (Austria) and West African Dance.

Having a regular creative outlet is not just part of a well-rounded education – it is essential for a child’s emotional health and well-being. Besides being incredibly fun, the arts help young people develop many of the skills necessary for success in today’s world:   Self-Confidence, Communication, Imagination, Empathy, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Self-Discipline, Community Awareness, Public Speaking/ Presentation Skills, Teamwork